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Educational Studies Faculty Member Invited to Speak at International Symposium  

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EDST Assistant Professor Bryan Meadows.

Assistant Professor Bryan Meadows, from the Department of Educational Studies, was an invited international guest speaker at the 2nd International Symposium on Research in Foreign Language Education, held in Ibagué, Colombia held from November 14-15, 2019. The symposium was co-organized by Surcolombiana University (Neiva, Huila) and the University of Tolima (Ibagué, Tolima). The 300-plus attendees included education scholars, classroom educators, graduate and undergraduate students. Bryan Meadows was one of six invited guest speakers. The theme of the conference was Critical Pedagogy and Social Justice. Dr. Meadows's talk was titled, "Culture Teaching in the English Language Teaching (ELT) Field: The past, the present, and the future." Drawing on his research findings over the past five years, Dr. Meadows highlighted major shifts in how ELT scholars have been thinking about culture teaching since the 20th century. He next discussed the findings of his survey and interview research with ELT educators. Dr. Meadows closed with his view of where culture teaching scholarship is headed in the coming decade. Immediately prior to the conference, Dr. Meadows traveled to the city of Neiva to deliver a workshop for undergraduate students at Surcolombiana University. He also attended an undergraduate education class session.

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EDST Assistant Professor Bryan Meadows.

The 2nd International Symposium on Research in Foreign Language Education is a collaborative effort of two universities which, until recently, each held their own separate symposium on language education. Since least year, the universities combine their resources annually to co-convene a larger event that is international in scope and visibility. This year's event featured 6 invited guest speakers, 40 concurrent lecture sessions, and a graduate student poster session. The symposium closed with a panel discussion with the 6 invited guest speakers. Logistics during the symposium were supported by faculty organizers and a cadre of volunteer undergraduate students. Full symposium details can be viewed here.

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Symposium guest speakers and symposium organizers.

International conference appearances by SHU faculty are valuable to our university because the appearances allow individual faculty members to cultivate scholarly relationships with their international counterpart colleagues. Such relationships between colleagues then set the foundation for international research studies as well as student study abroad exchanges. In this way, SHU faculty participation in international venues helps to strengthen the university's engagement in global discourses of teaching and scholarship.

The University of Tolima offers an MA in English Didactics program of 52 semester credits. View more details here. Surcolombiana University also offers an MA in English Didactics in a 47-credit graduate program. More details can be viewed here.

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