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Dr. Alisa Hindin Writes Book Chapter in Pivotal Research in Early Literacy  

Alisa Hindin 320 picThe College of Education and Human Services is proud to announce Dr. Alisa Hindin's book chapter in Pivotal Research in Early Literacy, edited by Christina M. Cassano and Susan M. Dougherty. Professor of Educational Studies, Dr. Hindin, noted that the published work is useful for teacher educators, and researchers. Dr. Hindin's chapter focuses on engagement, motivation, and self-regulation in early literacy. "This chapter allowed me to further explore my interests in developmentally appropriate practices, motivation, and the ways children acquire necessary learning strategies," remarked Dr. Hindin. The chapter concludes with suggested best practices based on the pivotal studies and current research.

The book is available directly through the publisher, Guilford Press, and through other sellers such as Amazon.

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