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EDST assistant professor provides workshop to K-12 district teachers  

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Dover High School

On November 5, 2019, EDST Assistant Professor Dr. Bryan Meadows visited Dover Public School District to lead two workshops for elementary and secondary teachers. Dr. Meadows was invited as a contributing speaker in a day of professional development workshops for the teachers. Dr. Meadows's topic was how content-area teachers can play a positive role in the academic success of English Learner (EL) students in K-12 classrooms. For the morning session, he worked with secondary teachers and then elementary teachers for the afternoon session. Both audiences were large, numbering at least 100 teachers each. Dr. Meadows shared with both audiences key pieces of information: state and federal policies pertaining to EL students in K-12 schools; the system of English proficiency levels adopted in New Jersey (i.e., WIDA), common techniques of differentiation for EL students, and important considerations when working with EL students who also qualify for Special Education services. Despite the large groups, there were many opportunities for dialogue and exchange among participants. District ESL and Bilingual teachers were present to provide district-specific insights, guidance, and clarifications. All teacher attendees received a link to access workshop materials online. Dr. Meadows was honored to receive the invitation from district administration to participate in a district professional development event. It is hopeful that this initial collaboration can serve as a foundation for continued collaborative projects. For example, there are talks between Dr. Meadows and the district ESL teachers to integrate Dr. Meadows into an existing district Professional Learning Community (PLC) focused on EL student success.

Speaker at Dover Township

Bryan Meadows speaks to teacher audience

Teacher workshops led by Educational Studies faculty constitute one way the department cultivates and maintains relationships with public school districts. Nationwide, the numbers of EL students in K-12 schooling is increasing, so mainstream teachers are seeking specialized guidance in how to work effectively with their students who are English Learners. Dr. Meadows’s workshop contributes directly to serving such district needs.

The TESOL graduate certificate program provides a pathway for current and future teachers to obtain an additional teaching endorsement in K-12 English as a Second Language (ESL). The unique strengths of the program include 40 hours of field placements in K-12 schools, the TESOL Servant Leadership Distinction award, and program-final TESOL Praxis testing.

More information about the TESOL program is available here »

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