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Curriculum: Executive Ed.D., K-12 School Administration

General Approach

The Executive Ed.D. degree modules, to be completed in two years, include studies in organizational theory, policy analysis, computer technology, research procedures, leadership strategies, curriculum management, leadership institutes, fiscal affairs, school law, dissertation seminars and mentoring.


ELMP 7773EX Organizational Structure 3
ELMP 6005EX Statistical Methods 3
ELMP 8987EX Dissertation Seminar I 3
ELMP 9999EX Research Seminar 3
ELMP 8159EX Curriculum Policy & Ideology 3
ELMP 8986EX Qualitative Research 3
ELMP 7774EX Comp Study of Ed Systems 3
 ELMP 6664EX  Current Legal Issues 3
ELMP 7765EX Policy Analysis 3
ELMP 8984EX Leadership Institute 3
ELMP 7000EX Data Analysis 3
ELMP 7770EX Cybernetic Research 3
ELMP 8616EX Intermediate Statistical Methods 3
ELMP 8988EX Dissertation Seminar II 3
ELMP 8801EX Interdisciplinary Studies 3
ELMP 7761EX Managing Fiscal Affairs 3
ELMP 7100EX Seminar: Selected Topics in Admin 3
ELMP 9981EX Dissertation Advisement I 3
ELMP 9982EX Dissertation Advisement II 3