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Curriculum: Ed.S., Police Graduate Studies Program

Course of Study
Ed.S. Degree Course Requirements (36 Credits)

I. Interdepartmental/Interdisciplinary Studies (3 credits)

Choose one course from the following:

EDST 9301 History of Education in America
EDST 9302 Psychological Domain of Education
EDST 9304 Philosophical Perspective in Society

II. Concentration Studies (27 credits)

ELMP 7772              Leadership Dynamics: Analysis of Supervisory Behavior
ELMP 7773 Organizational Structures and Processes in Administration

Choose seven courses from the following:

ELMP 6764 Principles of Public Sector Bargaining
ELMP 7761 Management of Fiscal Affairs in Administration
ELMP 7762 Public Relations in Administration
ELMP 7765                               Policy Analysis in Administration: Political and Constitutional Law Economic Aspects
ELMP 7767 Advanced Study in Personnel Administration
ELMP 7768 Technology for Administrators
ELMP 7770 Cybernetic Research for Administrators
ELMP 7771 Organizational Decision Making
ELMP 7774 Comparative Study of International Educational Systems
ELMP 7776 Curriculum Design and Engineering
ELMP 8984 Leadership Institute I: Workshop for Administrators and Supervisors I
ELMP 8985 Leadership Institute II: Workshop for Administrators and Supervisors II

III. Required Research (6 credits)

ELMP 6005 Statistical Methods
ELMP 9999  Culminating Research Seminar