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Content Checklist for Heritage Months

In planning activities for Heritage Months, please consider all of the following categories and this timeline when creating programming:

1. Historical Context: Full and transparent historical context taught in and out of classrooms. History from our city, state, nationwide and globally.

  • Examples: Slavery, WWII Japanese Internments Camps, Stonewall riots, etc.
  • Partnerships / Sources: Faculty Partnerships, Provost Office, Historians, Library, Research, etc.

2. Seton Hall University Contributions: The history and accomplishments of faculty, staff and students, past and present. Highlight student groups and clubs that fit into the theme of the month.

  • Examples: Women in STEM club during Women’s History Month, First Filipino President, First Woman Interim President, First Black Dean, First woman student admitted, integration of Seton Hall sports teams, etc.
  • Partnerships / Sources: Seton Hall Archivist at the Univeristy Library and Student Engagement

3. Advocacy: Ways we can we be allies, upstanders and co-conspirators on campus, in our communities and in the world.

  • Examples: panels, keynote speakers, Ted Talks etc. on being allies.
  • Partnerships / Sources: Best Practices, Industry Leaders, National Programs, Priest Community etc.

4. Intersectionality of cultures, such as multi-racial identities

  • Examples: Afro-Latinos embraces both Black History & Hispanic Heritage. Mixed race, culture in families. Colorism.
  • Partnerships / Sources: 

5. News Stories, Calendar Events, Email and Social Media: Submitting news stories, calendar events, content for email communications and social media posts. Filming videos of students, reaching out to community members for photos and quotes on their connection to the month and what it means to them, and posting photos and videos promoting events. Submitting all events on Seton Hall campuses to the Univeristy Calendar. Determining if local events in South Orange, Maplewood, Essex County, NJ, or NYC, should be included in communications.

  • Examples: Activities, parades, performances. Make your own Chinese lantern, a woman poet, a Greek movie, a performance of traditional ethnic dancing, etc.
  • Partnerships / Sources: PR & Marketing, Web Team, Advancement, Student Groups & Clubs, SAB, Advancement, Village of South Orange, SOPAC, NJPAC, and Athletics and other community partners

6. Resources: Every heritage month celerbation has it's own standablone page videos, events, and resources are shared. 


February 2021 Black History Month

Historical Content Feb. 1, 2021: The Model Gary Convention is an active learning project based on the 1972 National Black Political Convention in Gary, Indiana
Seton Hall Contributions Jan. 30, 2021: Project Amplify: SHU Black Alliance. The Black Student Union Flag raising program will focus on the History of SHU’s Black organizations and Africana Studies program. Learn about the Black history and activism at Seton Hall through the years.
Advocacy Feb. 2, 2021: Creating an Inclusive Syllabus
News Stories, Calendar Events, Email and Social Media Write a news story for Black History Month, make sure all events are published to the Univeristy Calendar, submit important event and initiative info for email communications, and submit content for social media. 

Interview members of the campus community for video filmings and gather quotes and photos on what Black History Month means to each community member. 
Events Jan 28, 2021: SAB Trivia Tuesday: Black Did That!
  Jan 29, 2021: HARAMBEE! Black History Month Celebration 
  Feb. 6, 2021: SAB Presents SHU Speaks featuring Yara Shahidi
  Feb. 5, 2021: The Sun Is Also A Star (movie screening)
  Feb. 8, 2021: Hey. Mr. DJ - Black Love Edition. Join the National Council of Negro Women (NCNW) for fun/games

Anticipated outcomes:

  • Data for assessment
  • Increased outreach
  • Historical record of programming
  • Fullness of content
  • Seeing opportunities for missed programming, growth and reallocating of resources.
  • Seeing potential partnerships