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Graduate Programs

All programs are offered on campus unless otherwise noted. 

Dual Degree

Enhance your education and save time by combining your diplomacy degree with another professional program. Many dual degrees require only 60 credit hours of work and 3 years of full-time study. Compare that to 80+ credits and 4 years to complete each program individually.

Students interested in a dual degree must apply for admission to both programs.

Graduate Certificates

  • Online Graduate Certificate in Post-Conflict State Reconstruction and Sustainability
    Develop a comprehensive foundation for building sustainable peace in societies emerging from violent conflict in as little as one year.
  • Graduate Certificate in United Nations Studies
    Deepen your understanding of how the policy community both utilizes and proposes to reform the UN while gaining in-depth knowledge about UN operations in a specific functional area and strengthening your professional writing skills.
  • Graduate Certificate in Global Health Management (Campus or Online Format)
    The increasing occurrence of public health epidemics, concerns with bioterrorism and a pressing need for innovative approaches to health crises all point to the importance of a global approach in health management.
  • Graduate Certificate in Global Studies
    New and experienced teachers will benefit from a professional development program designed to increase global competence through investigation into the world around them, recognizing the perspectives of others, communicating ideas with diverse audiences, and becoming active participants in improving conditions in the global community.
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