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Walsh Gallery Presents Art of Core Fellow  

RotundaCore Fellow Ksenija Puskaric, whose scholarship involves philosophy and theology, is also a very talented artist. Working with Jeanne Brasile, Curator of the Walsh Gallery, the Core is very proud to announce an exhibit of the works of Ksenija, to be displayed in the library windows on the lower level, across from the gym. The exhibit will be displayed beginning May 8th until May 31st.

Ksenija's work is displayed also on the website of the Saatchi Gallery, a very prestigious venue in the artistic world. Her art reflects her deep spirituality, as she explains on her website. Ksenija's biography can also be viewed in the,"About the Artist" section of her website.

Ksenija has been teaching in the Core since 2015, along with her husband C. Michael Shea. They are an integral part of the Core, along with their three year old daughter, Lilliana. Please take a stroll past Ksenija's works and enjoy!

Categories: Arts and Culture

For more information, please contact:

  • Nancy Enright
  • (973) 275-4847