Seton Hall University

College of Communication and the Arts Core III Courses

CORE 3130 (ARTH 3101)
The Art of Saint Peter's
3 credits

The course explores the physical fabric and artistic embellishment of Saint Peter's and the Vatican from early Christian times through the twentieth century as a way of assessing the development of Catholicism's distinctive and powerful visual language. Among the topics to be considered: the transformation of the legacy of classical antiquity into one of the first Christian basilicas at Old Saint Peter's; Michelangelo's Sistine Ceiling, and the Vatican within the urban context of Rome as the capital of modern Italy.

CORE 3320 (COMM 3101)
Propaganda, Religion, & War
3 credits

The course entails a political, historical, and ethical exploration of discursive and visual propaganda. As a form of mass persuasion, propaganda has long been a vital constituent of both religious discourse and the rhetoric of warfare. The course begins with an examination of the emergence of propaganda as a strategic concept in the 17th century Vatican's response to the Protestant Reformation. It then combines analytical and ethical perspectives on propaganda with a detailed examination of propaganda-like practices throughout history. Such perspectives enable an ethical evaluation of war-related propaganda efforts, such as those enacted by governments in World War I and World War II, as well as more recent propaganda relating to the 9/11 attacks and to the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Ultimately, students will be able to assess propaganda as a political practice, with an emphasis on communication ethics.

CORE 3322 (COTR 3628)
The Religious Experience on Stage
3 credits

An examination of religious traditions, values and beliefs as expressed through theatrical performance. The course centers on examining aesthetic texts and using performance as a method of inquiry.