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Community Partners

Community Partners

Community Partners of CCRE can be nonprofit organizations(NPO) or school that house after-school programming. NPO's can apply multiple levels of assistance. These include partnering with trained undergraduate and graduate volunteers who will gain experience at your business, or applying for a project to be written by undergraduates that will be targeting at enhancing your operations. Schools can contact us to seek assistance with tutoring/mentoring programs that service your students.

Assistance with Tutoring / Mentoring Programs with Community Renaissance

If you have an afterschool program with an academic, recreational, environmental, or spiritual focus, the Center for Community Research and Engagement (CCRE) can help. We currently train and send over 250 undergraduates per week into neighboring communities to volunteer at well-established and structured afterschool programs. If you are interested in learning more, call Timothy Hoffman, Director, at (973) 761-9683, or email for details.

Nonprofit Organization Operating Assistance with On-Site Student Services

In recent years, CCRE has established specific service opportunities with several neighboring nonprofit organizations (NPO). In these cases, the NPO has provided ways in which Seton Hall students can volunteer at the NPO site, assist in your operations and, in doing so, interact with others in a meaningful way that is beneficial to all.

An example of this partnership is CCRE's "Innovators Program" at Satori Athletic Organization. The goals of this partnership is:

  1. Providing an innovative service learning experience for SHU students.
  2. Students learn about their career aspirations while "giving back".
  3. Students volunteer 3-4 hours a week functioning as aides in the SAO organization according to the discipline chosen.

Call Timothy Hoffman, Director, at (973) 761-9683, or email for details.

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