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Recent Grad at MTV2  

Jessica L. Wolk, Class of 2015, understood the importance of internships during her time at Seton Hall University. After obtaining a Bachelor of Arts in Broadcasting, Visual and Interactive Media, Jessica reflects back on the importance of completing several internships during her academic career. Due to her experiences, she was able to obtain a full-time position as a Production Associate at MTV2 in New York City prior to graduation. 

While at Seton Hall, Jessica had four internships, all related to television production and entertainment. She began her internship experiences at MTV 2/MTVU in the production management department, where her tasks involved researching latest trends in music and media, pitching potential new talent candidates, managing audience crowd control, and creating credentials for each show. For some events, she had the opportunity to be a “talent wrangler”, a position her supervisor told her was not often assigned to an intern.

Her next internship was with Saturday Night Live, where shJessica Wolk Recent Grad at MTV2e previewed scripts of each segment and researched set and prop possibilities each week. She organized research packets filled with set drawings to distribute to the production crew, prepared blue print files for the design department and digitally processed historic photos.

She moved on to Nickelodeon for her third internship in the production management and on –air promos department at the start of her senior year. Her tasks involved transcribing several of the live shows featured on-air, researching content for spots, creating copies of each show, and then distributing them to producers and directors at the network.

Jessica returned to MTV2 during the spring semester of her senior year, and took on new projects, including work on a pilot episode for a new spin-off show. On another production, she worked closely with celebrity talent, and continued to develop her skills within the production process.

Jessica was offered the opportunity to join the team after graduation. As a production associate for production management at MTV2, she has continued to work on a pilot show, hiring talent for the sketches, researching and booking venues and locations, and managing the production credit cards.

What advice does she have for current students? “The simplest answer is networking, building friendships, staying positive and working extremely hard. It is all about believing in yourself and truly believing that you can accomplish anything that you set your mind to.”

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