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Student Association

The Communication and the Arts Graduate Student Association launched in Fall 2017. Below are details regarding the Association and its mission and membership criteria.


Formed in Fall 2017, the Communication and the Arts Graduate Student Association (CAGSA) works to facilitate a fellowship of students who share solidarity in the common endeavor of earning a graduate degree in the communication- and arts-related disciplines. To that end, the CAGSA serves all Seton Hall Communication and the Arts graduate students with three essential foci:

  • Social – The CAGSA provides opportunities for social interaction with fellow student colleagues.  This is accomplished through various Graduate Studies initiatives, as well as through informal CAGSA events.
  • Academic  – The CAGSA exposes its members to student and faculty experiences so that students in each programmatic phase gains an appreciation and understanding of scholarly success in the broader academic field.
  • Networking – In tandem with the social and academic foci, the CAGSA provides opportunities for members to gain a broader understanding of career opportunities (both inside academic and in other professional settings) within the discipline.  Additionally, and to the extent feasible, the CAGSA seeks ways to connect members with scholarly and professional contacts in the field.


Membership in the Communication and the Arts Graduate Student Association (CAGSA) is open to all graduate students in the existing Communication, Public Relations, and Museum Professions programs within Graduate Studies.  As future programs within Graduate Studies are developed, membership will be available to students in those programs as well.

Members of the CAGSA are expected to be in good academic standing to participate.

Stewardship Committee

Alia Ansari
Hunter DeSimone
Nikki Malupa
Devon Mancini
Asya Robinson
Monisha Bernard
Elyse Gombas


Please contact Ms. Brittany Scoles via email at for more information about the CAGSA.