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Expanded Graduate Opportunities

The information, digital and cultural industries are growing by leaps and bounds. Within the past decade or so, the demand for communication and visual/performing arts degrees has increased by more than 50 percent. By 2020, public relations jobs will rise by about 22 percent, and more than 350,000 new communication jobs will open by 2022.

In response to these exciting trends, Seton Hall University's new College of Communication and the Arts was created to enable innovative, genuine and professional interaction in academic, social, artistic and technological settings. Its diverse and flexible programs, anchored in the humanities and featuring cutting-edge technology and innovative curricula, provide opportunities for meaningful collaboration across disciplines. And its ideal location - only minutes from New York City - affords students a wealth of internship and networking possibilities right at their fingertips.

The College of Communication and the Arts is proud to offer the following 5-year programs, known as "3+2" degrees, where students graduate with B.A. and M.A. degrees. We are also partnering with the School of Diplomacy, and offering one dual-degree program that allows a graduate student to earn two M.A. degrees simultaneously, or, earn a "Dual Degree."