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Outcomes for B.A., Major in Art History

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Art History Program | Student Learning Outcomes and Goals

Basic Concepts and Foundations
Students will:

  • Develop a vocabulary to describe and analyze course material.
  • Understand and recognize objects of art and visual culture and assess them in relation to their historical and cultural contexts.
  • Understand prerequisites and modalities of artistic production and training.
  • Understand the merit of studying art and visual culture in historical perspective.
  • Recognize the way in which art and visual culture relates to the human experience on individual and a collective levels.

Global Perspective
Students will:

  • Understand their own cultural environment within a global context.
  • Appreciate art and material culture of different traditions.
  • Realize interconnectedness of world art while recognizing that one’s own view of the world may not be universally shared and that others may have profoundly different perspectives
  • Develop ability to perceive works of art from more than one cultural viewpoint.

Research Methods, Writing and Presentation Skills
Students will:

  • Develop appropriate methods to research, analyze and discuss course material in written assignments and class presentations.