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What Great Minds Can Do: John Snow  

John Snow

Public Relations

Asya Robinson"Take advantage of every opportunity offered."

John Snow M.A. '18 an alumnus of the College of Communication and the Arts, reflects on his scholastic journey and being equipped with the skills needed to succeed in his professional career. In his role within executive communications, John plays a key part in brand development, elevating the organization's online presence and handles communication development for Verizon's C-suite executives. Snow completed his undergraduate degree at Rutgers Newark, studying Journalism and Media Studies, with a minor in African American Studies, all the while being a standout athlete on their men's basketball team.

Shortly after graduating with his undergraduate degree, Snow enrolled in the M.A. Public Relations program, per recommendations of current and past students within the Graduate Studies programs. Snow noted, "the recommendations were stellar, I figured they had to be right, so I gave it a shot." In addition to student testimonies, Snow found the course load of the program even more enticing, thus sealing the deal.

During his time in the program, Snow was accepted to be a Graduate Assistant in the Department of Alumni Relations, which gave him opportunities to apply the skills learned throughout the program to his daily tasks. "I am thankful for the days spent working there. I learned new skills outside of the classroom and created great relationships," he said. Snow's graduate assistantship and public relations courses led him to focus on crisis communication, learning the best tactics and strategies to protect, manage and if needed, recover an organizations' reputation. "The base of my Master's Project was on crisis communication, examining how Samsung communicated to the public during their galaxy explosion crisis. The guidance from Dr. Renee Robinson and other faculty, prepared me to present my Master's Project with confidence," Snow shared. 

Snow's journey to Verizon started months shy of completing the program. "I was a bit last minute; but I attended two events that helped to place me in the position I am in today. Through the career fair and a roundtable event hosted in Jubilee Hall, I spoke with Verizon representatives and the biggest takeaway was that they were more than a phone company," he shared. Along with other University resources, the College's course work provided Snow with skills that would help him create a successful future. "I recall this course where I learned basic elements and best practices for giving an engaging presentation. Lessons from the course are still relevant and I use them daily in my role at Verizon, especially when presenting to Senior leadership across the board," Snow said. 

Snow continues to flourish, recently he started in a new role where he can continue to utilize the skills gained during his time in the graduate program. "Time management, critical thinking and presentation skills, are applicable to the projects I will be working on," Snow shared. In his new role in Consumer Product Marketing, Snow will be able to shape the company's product marketing strategy and roadmaps for varying products that directly impact customer experience. The change on the horizon for Snow, shows how his willingness to go with the flow, take every opportunity with a smile, and the lasting lessons given throughout the program has helped transcend his career journey. When asked how he felt about all that he accomplished thus far, Snow advised, "Never be afraid, it is as simple as that. You never know what doors will open for you, take advantage of every opportunity offered," he shared. 

The College currently offers three graduate-level programs, including Museum Professions, Communication, and Public Relations. In addition, four dual-degree options, including three accelerated master's/B.A. programs and a dual M.A. degree with the School of Diplomacy and International Relations are offered.
For more information about Graduate Studies within the College of Communication and the Arts, please contact Dr. Ryan Hudes.

This profile was written by Asya Robinson, a Graduate Assistant for Graduate Studies within the College of Communication and the Arts and an M.A. in Communication student.

Career Highlights:

  • Consumer Product Marketing, Verizon
  • Executive Communications, Verizon
  • Digital Media Specialist, Seton Hall University
  • Marketing Operations Specialist, Sherri Jones Media Group
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