Seton Hall University

2020 Award Recipients

2020 McQuaid Medal Recipients

This honor is awarded to long-serving employees for their commitment to the University's mission and for providing outstanding service to the University by doing exceptional work in their own position and the larger University community.

Anthony LoviscekAnthony Loviscek, Ph.D.,

Ph.D., Professor and Chair, Department of Finance in the Stillman School of Business

A cherished member of the University community and the Stillman School for more than 25 years, Loviscek has been recognized throughout his career for his outstanding teaching and research, which includes portfolio analysis and performance, financial market behavior, corporate governance and financial education.

Chair of the Department of Finance, Loviscek previously served in that position from 2000 to 2008 and has served as Director of the Center for Securities Trading and Business Analytics. His scholarship has been published widely and has been included in the Journal of Accounting and Finance, Managerial Finance, Financial Services Review, Journal of Banking and Finance, The Journal of Alternative Investments, and The Journal of The New York Society of Security Analysts: The Investment Professional.

"He defines collegiality and friendship with a true love for students," said a colleague. "He just does good things with no concern for whether it will bring him any personal advancement or glory."

Stephen ZuchowskiStephen Zuchowski

Associate Director for Safety and Security Systems

Described as one of our campus's unsung heroes, since 1996 Zuchowski has shown a dedication to his craft as well as professionalism and expertise in whatever it takes to support and secure the campus. A state-licensed electrician, fire inspector and fire alarm and intrusion alarm technician, he has shown a steadfast commitment to the wellbeing of the Seton Hall community through the maintenance and operation of all safety and security systems.

As we mark the 20th anniversary of the Boland Hall fire, the University recognizes Zuchowski's contribution to campus safety as a leading member of the design committee selecting fire alarm and sprinkler systems and for overseeing their installation in the residence halls. He is recognized for his continuing efforts to maintain the safety of the University community.

One colleague described Zuchowski as wearing his commitment to the University "with a smiling face and cheerful attitude, in the spirit of Saint Mother Teresa, who was known to say ‘We can do no great things, but small things with great love.' Each day in his work, Steve does small things with great love for our students, faculty and staff."

President's Award for Student Service

Seton Hall students nominate University employees who demonstrate their dedication to ensuring student success for the President’s Award for Student Service. The 2020 honorees are:

Ibiyemi Adesanya

Ibiyemi Adesanya
Manager of Campus ID

Photo of Kurt Rotthoff

Kurt Rotthoff, Ph.D.
Department of Economics and Legal Studies

Servant Leader Scholars

Servant Leader Scholars epitomize the University's mission and are examples of leadership for the good of others. The 2020 scholars are:


  • Melissa Bowker, Biology
  • Clare Donnelly, Secondary Special
  • Kylie Heneghan, Nursing
  • Anna Hosri, Biology
  • Jacklyn Insel, Psychology
  • Catharine Matticola, College of Arts and Sciences
  • Jenna Mustafa, Biology
  • Joshua Novello, Biology
  • Lidia Prusak, Biology
  • Andrew Rogers, Accounting
  • Jacob Saavedra, Secondary Special
  • Prescilla Marie Trinidad, Nursing
  • Joseph Valente, Accounting


  • Olivia Blackwood, Nursing
  • Bethany Davidheiser, Biology
  • Jonathan Lester, Diplomacy and
    International Relations
  • Kathleen Mahon, Elementary Special
  • Katie Mazzarelli, Nursing
  • Audrey Pennington, Communications
  • Marisa Pla, Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Jared Rubino, Finance
  • Rachael Servidio, College of Arts and
  • Meghan Vizzard, Special Education
  • Stephanie Wickman, Biology


  • Christopher Coppola, Secondary Special Education
  • Cristina Fernandez, Biology
  • Bianca Forcucci, Biology
  • Kellen Murphy, Physics
  • Liem Pham, Biology
  • Abigail Stackhouse, Biology
  • Brian Sumereau, Finance
  • Rachel Szeliga, Finance
  • Kaitlyn Vega, Biology


  • Ashley R. Martins, Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Ibukunoluwa Akintola, Physics
  • Amelia Baijnath, Biology
  • Joseph Murante, Economics
  • Tristan Ryan, Finance
  • Jillian Szczepanski, Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Cristina Hill, Finance
  • Karen Thompson, Biology


  • Gabrielle Didonato, Physician Assistant
  • Emily Osborn, Physician Assistant
  • Taylor Ratcliffe, Speech and Language Pathology
  • Luisa Rinaudo, Speech and Language Pathology
  • Kathleen Lynch, Speech and Language Pathology
  • Smital Patel, Physician Assistant
  • Isabelle Salvador, Physician Assistant