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Team Coady Panel to Speak on the Third Millennium Haitians as Masters of Their Own Destiny  

Picture of Haitians

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon (second from right) and his former Spokesperson, Haitian native Michele Montas (right), meet with residents of Port-au-Prince, Haiti, displaced by the violent earthquake that devastated much of the capital and claimed thousands of lives. Credit: 17/Jan/2010. Port-au-Prince, Haiti. UN Photo/Logan Abassi.

On Wednesday, February 7th, 2018, the Ethics and Economics forum, co-sponsored by the Center for Catholic Studies and the Department of Religion, will host a panel on Third Millennium Haitians as Masters of Their Own Destiny. The panel consists of Team Coady, a group from northern New Jersey interested in the future of Haiti. 
During the last four years, Team Coady has guided leadership building workshops for rural working women and men in Haiti. The ideals of the team are based on strategies spread in Nova Scotia early in the 20th century by Father Moses Coady, who promoted "education through economic cooperation." This methodology was highly praised by Father Bernard Lonergan, S.J.

The Team Coady panel consists of:

  • Clauvice Saint-Hillaire, Vice-President of Home Health Care Workers SEIU 
  • Yvel Celestin, Film Director 
  • Fr. Gene Squeo Professor of Catholic Social Teaching at St. Peter's University 
  • Fr. Jack Martin, Founder, President Haiti Solidarity Network North East (HSNNE) 

The event will take place at 7 p.m. in the Diplomacy Room, McQuaid Hall.

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