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Dr. Frank Braio on Lonergan's Economic Theory  

Lonergan ReviewOn Thursday, November 15th and 29th, Dr. Frank Braio will present a lecture series on Bernard Lonergan's economic theory. Lonergan was a Canadian Jesuit theologian who spent the last part of his life studying the dynamics of the flow of money. In his innovative "Microeconomic Dynamics: An Essay in Circulation Analysis", (University of Toronto Press, 2017) Lonergan sharply distinguished between the supply and demand of "basic goods" (consumer goods) and "surplus goods," the goods use to produce basic goods. In addition, a "redistributive function" shifts savings between these two flows. Working out the full implications of these fundamental distinctions, Lonergan sheds new light on the functioning of static and isolated economies; economies that are accelerating within a "pure cycle;" and the policies needed to ensure mindful trading cycles between distinct economies. Never have these distinctions been more important for understanding our economic lives.

Lectures will be held in Stafford Hall, room 109 and begin at 7:30 p.m. All are welcome to attend.

For more information about the event contact Monsignor Richard Liddy at or call 973-275-2407.

About Frank Braio
Frank Braio earned his doctorate in philosophy from Fordham University where he served as assistant editor of the International Philosophical Quarterly under his mentor, Vincent J. Potter, S.J. He has published one book, Lonergan's Retrieval of the Notion of Human Being, many articles and he has lectured widely. Frank learned economics from his finest teacher, Dr. Philip McShane, author of the introductory Economics for Everyone (Axial Press, 2017). He has taught philosophy as well as world religions in various colleges for 35 years.

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