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Winter Break Networking Tips  

Students in front of the Christmas Tree at the Eight Annual Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony.As winter break approaches, remember that casual conversations with family and friends are a great way to develop professional connections. Think about the following 5 "F" categories to determine who could be in your network: Friends, Family, Fellow peers or Seton Hall alumni, Faculty, and Foundations/professional associations. Consider conducting informational interviews or scheduling a day for job shadowing, with someone you already know or a colleague of theirs, to learn more about job functions and industries.

  • Informational interviews are conversations you can have with individuals to ask for career advice and learn more about their job responsibilities, organization, and industry. You should not ask for an internship or job; instead focus on building a relationship. Before you contact someone for an informational interview, determine what you want to learn from them. Prior to your conversation, prepare questions and write them down. Take a look at some questions to ask at the informational interview.
  • Job Shadowing is a more in-depth way to learn more about someone's role, organization, and industry. Observing a day-in-the-life of someone may help you clarify your career goals and expand your network as you meet people throughout the day. Be sure to request job shadowing a few weeks in advance. For additional advice on arranging and conducting a job shadow, read this article.

More tips on networking can be found in The Career Center's tab within the SHU Portal.

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