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Seton Hall University
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Saint Paul's Outreach

Why SPO?

College campuses are battlegrounds for the minds and souls of our young people, and many are leaving the Church. Only 10% of Catholic millennials attend Sunday Mass (Sherry Weddell, Forming Intentional Disciples, 2012). Students are hungry for truth and meaning but most are not being reached effectively.

The Response

Saint Paul's Outreach (SPO) reaches these students around the country, bringing them back to Christ and the fullness of the Catholic faith. We build evangelistic communities that provide a unique quality and depth of formation in the Catholic faith and life.

The Result

Our ministry has produced thousands of alumni who are passionate followers of Christ and who continue to shine His light in the world long after they have graduated. They are renewing the Church and evangelizing the culture.

Saint Paul's Outreach actively invites college students to a life of Christian discipleship. With Saint Paul as our example, we create vibrant, faith-filled environments that challenge students to deepen their relationships with Christ in the fullness of the Catholic Church.  

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At Seton Hall University, we seek to bring Catholic Faith Alive on Campus through:

  • Men's and Women's nights
  • Small groups
  • One on One meetings with students
  • Weekend retreats held each semester
  • Men's and Women's Households, located close to Seton Hall's

Meet our Staff

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Matt McCarthy

Joe Domina

Joe Domina

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Dan Minogue

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Julia Carmedelle

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