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Sport Management Concentration Courses (12 credits)

BSPM 7220 Sport Finance (3)

Analysis of the financial structure of sport organizations and activities. Specific review of professional sport leagues and teams, sport tours, minor leagues and college sport programs, as well as the financial management of private and public sport facilities. Issues relating to the various sources and uses of revenue and current controversies will be analyzed.

BSPM 7401 Sport Law (3)

Examination of legal issues arising out of the areas of amateur and professional sport. Discussion of amateur sport includes the roles, rules and activities of the NCAA and questions involving amateurism, eligibility, sex discrimination and antitrust. Discussion of professional sport includes professional sport leagues, antitrust, labor relations, contractual questions and representation. Issues important in both areas will be discussed, including violence in sport, drug testing, tort issues, and sponsorships and endorsements.

BSPM 7535 The Management of Sport Organizations (3)

The application of management concepts and theories to sport organizations and the sport industry. Includes issues of organizational design, public policy, human resources, labor relations and collective bargaining, ethical issues in sport and the globalization of the sport industry. 

BSPM 7555 Professional Selling in Sport (3)

Personal selling in the context of overall marketing strategy in the sport industry. Finding and reaching prospective buyers, developing effective sales presentations, handling objections and closing sales. Sales, promotions, marketing and sponsorships in the sport industry. Live sales projects, coaching, and critiques in our "war room."