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Stillman School of Business Launches 'Future of Leadership Survey' 2022  

DataThe research team from the Stillman School's Department of Management has launched the 2022 edition of its annual, IRB approved "The Future of Leadership Survey: Insight and Foresight About the Future of Leadership from the Leaders of the Future."

The online survey targets Gen Z respondents, ages 18 to 25 to:

  • Better understand the expectations of future leaders -- college students and recent graduates --regarding the leaders they seek to work with, or want to become; and
  • Develop insight and foresight on values, competencies, and preferred models of leadership development for the future.

This contrasts with current research on leadership which predominantly looks at the topic from the perspective of senior executives and board leadership, leaving a gap in perspective from the emerging leaders that are growing up in a predominantly digital world.

The research team, composed of Professors Karen Boroff, Ph.D., Ruchin Kansal, M.B.A., Steven Lorenzet, Ph.D., and M.B.A. Candidate Alexander McAuley, is requesting help in sharing the survey link within networks beyond Seton Hall.

The original, innovative 2021 edition of the survey was distributed to 9000+ Seton Hall undergraduate and graduate students, as well as young alumni.

The groundbreaking results revealed several notable shifts in the future of leadership from broadly perceived norms: a shift toward acceptance of diversity in the ranks of future leaders; that perception of the most influential leaders in their formative years — someone at home or at school — does not appear to be predictive of their perception of the persona of a mid-level leader in the workplace; and an increased desire for engagement from employers — whether it is in dealing more effectively with crisis and failure, in preventing worker alienation, or in managing work-life balance.

The 2022 edition of the survey has been sent to the Seton Hall University students and alumni who opted to continue their participation. The research team is also inviting other University and external partners to participate in the research. Additionally, the team is using social media to invite a broader set of respondents across the world.

"The 2021 survey ranked undergraduate level leadership development programs amongst the top 5 most effective ways of developing leaders. We are so proud that Seton Hall University has been an innovator in this space with an undergraduate level leadership program since 1995," says Professor Kansal. "We are excited to issue the 2022 edition of the ‘Future of Leadership Survey.’ We are expanding the respondent set for our survey, and we want to thank you in advance for your help in sharing the survey within your network beyond Seton Hall."

Future of Leadership Survey Link

A summary report of the second survey will be published in the summer issue of In the Lead, the magazine from the Stillman School of the Business and the Buccino Leadership Institute.

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For more information, please contact:

  • Ruchin Kansal
  • (973) 275-2531