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Sports Poll on Baseball, Rule Changes Featured in USA Today, Yahoo Finance and The Morning Consult  

Students sitting at computers for sports pollingThe most recent Seton Hall Sports Poll gauged the pulse of the nation on issues related to Major League Baseball. Poll questions included queries on prospective rule changes in MLB, whether Pete Rose should be eligible to be elected to the Hall of Fame and how people primarily follow the game.

The poll's results were featured in USA Today, Yahoo Finance and Yahoo Sports, The Morning Consult, The Texas Statesman,, and in a tweet from the Washington Post's Jacob Bogage. 

Among the findings of the Sports Poll, which is sponsored by the Sharkey Institute of the Stillman School of Business, is that even though a number of states have now legalized sports betting – a move which has been embraced by MLB – the number of those who support Pete Rose being eligible for induction into the Hall of Fame has actually decreased over the last few years. Pete Rose has been prohibited from being elected into the Baseball Hall of Fame because he gambled on baseball games while an active player and manager.

In "Support for Pete Rose has fallen despite sports betting legalization," Yahoo Finance writes:

The newest Seton Hall Sports Poll, shared exclusively with Yahoo Finance, finds that 52% of Americans surveyed believe Major League Baseball should lift the ban on Rose—that's actually down from 56% in 2016. (Seton Hall did not ask the Pete Rose question in 2017 or 2018.) For its newest poll, Seton Hall's Sharkey Institute surveyed 676 American adults across the country.

"When Rose bet, it wasn't legal, and obviously it was also against the rules of baseball," says the survey's director Rick Gentile. "So I suppose you could say from that standpoint, why should the change in law affect him? But if the rules against gambling have eased up, I would think you'd see a little more leniency."

In The Morning Consult, the poll's findings were included in its "Daily Brief," which is geared toward marketing professionals. An eNewsletter with a subscription base of more than 300,000, the data research company portrayed the poll's findings in graphic form:

Two pie charts depicting results for the question,

In USA Today, the poll's findings were included on the front page of the Sports section in "Notable Numbers." There the paper recounted that: 
30% Of Americans say they would follow Major League Baseball more if the games moved at a faster pace, according to the Seton Hall Sports Poll conducted this month among 676 adult Americans, either on landline or cellphone. The poll has a margin of error of +/- 3.9%.

28% Said they would follow MLB more closely if there were more scoring. 53% Say they approve of the coming rule change that would require relief pitchers to face at least three batters. 61% Say the DH rule should be left as is, with the American League using one but the National League not.

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