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Sports Poll on Sports Betting Featured by USA Today, Darren Rovell  

Students with headsets on. A recent Seton Hall Sports Poll finding on America's view on legal sports betting was featured in USA Today, Action Network via Darren Rovell, and a slew of media focused on the business of wagering, including Vegas Insider and Rovell has 2.1 million followers on Twitter.

The poll found that:

Americans have embraced legalized betting on sports, bolstered by a Supreme Court ruling that okayed a state-by-state determination. 

55 percent of the public supports the state-by-state process, with an additional 25 percent saying it should be legal in all states. The breakdown by age was dramatic for those saying it should be legal in all states, with 37 percent of ages 18-29 saying yes, but only 14 percent of those 60 and over agreeing. 

The 55 percent approval of state-by-state marks a significant leap in less than a year, when a November 2018 Seton Hall Sports Poll found that only 40 percent of the nation felt it should be left to the individual states.

The poll also noted that only 16 percent of those polled believed gambling on sporting events should be illegal.

In addition, the poll found that:

The public does not want the loophole that excludes betting on home-state schools, such as imposed in New Jersey and New York. Only 32 percent agree with that loophole, with 58 percent opposing it. (10 percent said they did not know or had no opinion).

In USA Today, the poll's findings were featured on the front page of the Sports pages in "Notable Numbers."

On Action Network, the findings were featured in "Poll: 80% of Americans Now in Favor of Sports Betting Legalization," and in a tweet from Rovell. A tweet from Bloomberg's Brian Egger also featured the poll's findings.

You can read the most recent Sports Poll release in full here.

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