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Fiserv Analytics VP to Speak at Distinguished Lecture Series in Business Analytics  

Marc RindMarc Rind is the vice president of software development - data and analytics, at Fiserv, Inc., a leading global technology provider serving the financial services industry. Rind is one of three speakers taking part in the upcoming business analytics series, sponsored by the Stillman School of Business.

The presentation titled, "How to Get Started in Building Data Fueled Products to Solve Business Problems" will focus on Rind’s approach and lessons learned in getting organizations and product teams started on their data journey, and executing on their dreams of building machine learning and AI capabilities.

Wednesday, September 23, 2020
6:30 - 7:30 p.m. ET

There is no cost to attend the session. Register now for the virtual lecture hosted on Microsoft Teams.

Rind is focused on creating business driven analytics, building industry insights which leverages massive data sets and ensuring Fiserv's bank solutions customers have access to the data they need, when they need it most.

Prior to Fiserv, Rind was responsible for leading the research and development of Automatic Data Processing's (ADP's) Analytics and Big Data platform as vice president of product development and chief data scientist. He spent more than 16 years at ADP, a leading provider of human resources management software and services, headquartered in Roseland, New Jersey.

While at ADP, Rind advanced from senior director roles in areas such as systems and application engineering and production database administration to chief architect - Data Cloud. From that position, he was promoted to ADP's vice president of product development and chief data scientist. In this role he was responsible for leading the research and development of ADP's Analytics and Big Data initiative; Data Cloud. He not only drove the innovation and thought leadership in building the Data Cloud platform to extend beyond a client’s own data, but to also building market insights from across ADP's client data sets. Rind also hired the Data Science organization, which delivered the client facing, data driven insights and features including the award winning Benchmarking solution, Pay Equity Explorer, Flight Risk models, and Executive and Manager Insights.

I create people focused business software and solutions. My focus has been in collecting, curating and leveraging massive data sets about people and the world of work; turning them into insights and intelligence about how companies best manage their talent. I have not only built out successful award winning Analytics solutions for ADP's clients, but have also architected the data and data science ecosystem to enable innovative development to occur across the organization.

A graduate of Emerson College with a master's degree in business communication, Rind spent the earlier years of his career leading an internal tech support organization and consulting. His innovative spirit and fascination with data was forged at Bolt Media--a dot-com start-up based in NY's "Silicon Alley," and an early predecessor to today's social media outlets.

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