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Module 1:

The Radically Changing Nature of Leadership
Understand the common leadership skills and traits of history's great leaders while seeking inspiration, establishing role models, and uncovering insightful tools.

  • Explore "old-school" leadership from the 1900s to the launch of the World Wide Web.
  • Examine how the pre-pandemic world was already chaotic and how to embrace the new normal.
  • Identify the tools needed to lead during a global pandemic.

Module 2: 

The Leader's Toolkit 1
Recognize the characteristics of human motivation. Discover what truly motivates people to stay engaged in their daily work and put forth their best efforts. 

  • Optimize motivation with purpose, transformative cultures and organizational approaches.
  • Learn how to cultivate a deliberately developmental culture.
  • Understand the benefits and challenges of a microenterprise.
  • Learn ways to improve your organization's holacracy.

Module 3:

The Leader's Toolkit 2
Prepare yourself to be a changemaker in today's world. Historically, self-appointed and socially-conscious grassroots leaders are the ones who spark the most change. 

  • Uncover the approachable authority of revolutionary and political leaders.
  • Review case studies of effective and ineffective use of power and influence.
  • Develop a leadership skillset from the world of professional sports.

Module 4:

The Leader's Toolkit 3
Expand your digital transformation skills when you incorporate digital technology in all areas of business to meet changing industry needs and market requirements.

  • Uncover the effectiveness of Innovation Theatre vs. Genuine Innovation.
  • Explore the frameworks of the 3 Horizons of Growth.
  • Empower individuals and teams by taking a human-centered design approach.
  • Learn to accelerate open innovation and utilize an open-source economic model.
  • Discover how top leaders stay adaptable and flexible by practicing agile methodology.

Module 5:

Personal Leadership
Develop and utilize positive leadership traits when you set realistic goals, get organized, and hold yourself accountable, helping you become a better mentor.

  • Learn the difference between being confident or overconfident.
  • Uncover the benefits of a "T-shaped" employee and the increasing demand in the workplace.
  • Discover ways to ensure your own expertise doesn't blind you.
  • Empower accomplished individuals to step up as leaders.

Module 6:

The Socially Conscious Leader in the ESG Era
Grow your abilities as a socially conscious leader and lead your business operations with accountability, transparency and consideration of the environment.

  • Explore the new charter of the Business Roundtable.
  • Understand what defines a Certified B corporation.
  • Learn how to involve your team and lead social ventures at your organization.

Module 7:

Leadership for the Future of Work
Develop strategies to help your team adjust to a new work environment while improving the internal structure of your business and maintaining productivity.

  • Learn to lead and motivate a remote workforce.
  • Discover the best ways of working alongside technology.
  • Strengthen your resilience and adaptability in times of uncertainty, disruption and adversity.
  • Cut through the "crisis fog" using practices to maintain focus, clarity and stamina.

Module 8:

Creating Your Own Transformative Leadership Plan
Reflect on your journey through leadership strategies and innovation frameworks. Develop a plan of action to take back with you to implement immediately in your organization.

  • Discover how to align your skillset with optimal professional opportunities.
  • Learn how to grow your talents and help others do the same.
  • Understand how to lead your team into a growth mindset culture.

Your MBA Is Within Reach with Your Certificate from Seton Hall's Stillman School of Business

Your Seton Hall Transformative Leadership Certificate provides the differentiating factor. It proves that you have completed all modules as well as the cumulative Capstone Project. You’ll walk away with confidence and a professional Transformative Leadership Portfolio. You’ll receive two graduate management elective credits. If you apply and are accepted to the MBA program, you will receive a third credit when you complete a project with Seton Hall faculty.