Seton Hall University
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Mission and Purpose

Seton Hall University embraces the principle that effective and meaningful assessment is an integral part of the educational process. This principle is at the heart of our commitment to meet our responsibilities to our students, professions, and the communities that we serve. Embracing multiple and diverse voices in the assessment process enhances the collaborative spirit we consider essential for our mission driven work.

An assessment system documents progress toward our goals and provides the raw material for data-driven improvement. Strategic and systematic institutional assessment supports the mission of the University by assuring that our programs are of the highest quality, and that we are effectively preparing our students to succeed in their chosen profession and contribute meaningfully to the common good.

The responsibilities of the University Assessment Committee include:

  • Serve as consultants for assessment projects and otherwise serve as leaders to support a culture of assessment throughout the University
  • Regularly review University assessment policies and procedures and recommend improvements as needed to the Provost
  • Support college and department assessment representatives with information and resources, including technology, to maintain and carry out current assessment plans
  • Update the University Assessment Webpage with current developments, projects, and resources associated with assessment at Seton Hall and in the larger community of higher education
  • Disseminate data that are gathered through assessment projects with stakeholders
  • Attend to developing assessment projects outlined by the Provost