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Undergraduate Minor in Applied Scientific Mathematics

Providing a rounded exposure to mathematics for students majoring in the sciences, the program focuses on basic tools and applications of mathematics in science. Students in other majors are welcome to pursue the program if they meet course prerequisites and complete at least two science laboratory sequences at the level required for the Arts and Sciences B.S. Core or higher.


Required courses

Calculus I MATH 1401 or MATH 1501
Calculus II MATH 1411 or MATH 1511
Statistics for Science MATH 2111 or MATH2711
CSAS 1113 or CSAS 1114

Two electives from among the following

Calculus III MATH 2411 or MATH 2511
Introduction to Discrete Math MATH 1611
Computational Math/Linear Algebra MATH 2814, MATH 2810 or MATH 2813
Differential Equations MATH 3513
Operations Research MATH 3611
Data Structures CSAS 2126

Faculty Listing

Headshot of Kristi Luttrell x222
Kristi Luttrell
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
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Profile image of Kenneth Ganning not provided
Kenneth Ganning
Senior Faculty Associate
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Laura Schoppmann
Laura Schoppmann
Associate Professor, Program Adviser for Mathematics Education
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