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Philosophers Speak Lecture on Grief  

Image of Michael Cholbi giving a lecture

Michael Cholbi

On Monday, April 11th 2022 from 4 p.m. - 6:15 p.m., in Bethany Hall BC, the Philosophy Department and the Dean's Office of the College of Arts and Sciences will present the next lecture of the Philosophers Speak lecture series (this is an in-person event). We're thrilled to announce that the next lecture will be delivered by Dr. Michael Cholbi, Professor of Philosophy at the University of Edinburgh.

Dr. Cholbi's talk is entitled, "Who We Grieve For – and Why." He will discuss the paradox of grief: how grief feels bad, and so seemingly should be avoided, but at the same time grief is seemingly valuable and so we ought to be glad that we grieve. In doing this, he'll also discuss the very nature of grief, its scope, and the reason we grieve for whom we do. The lecture will cover some of the central claims of his recently published book Grief: A Philosophical Guide (Princeton University Press, 2022), which is the first book length philosophical exploration of grief.

In addition to being the world's foremost philosophical expert on grief, Dr. Cholbi has also published on a wide range of philosophical topics, including suicide, Kant, the death penalty, paternalism, the duty to work, the ethics of choosing careers, and more. He is currently working on editing a book for Oxford University Press.

Please join us for this interesting event!

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