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Lecture on Post-Soviet Russian Culture and the Aggression against Ukraine  

Image of Professor Mark Lipovetsky of Columbia University.

Prof. Mark Lipovetsky

The Russian and East European Studies Program and the Slavic Club will present an upcoming lecture, "Post-Soviet Russian Culture and the Aggression against Ukraine", on Thursday, October 20 from 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m., in Fahy Hall, Room 236 featuring Professor Mark Lipovetsky of Columbia University.

This event will be conducted in-person, but there is an option to attend virtually via a designated Microsoft Teams link

Mark Lipovetsky is a professor of Department of Slavic Languages at Columbia University, where his diverse research interests include Russian postmodernism, New Drama, Soviet literary and cinematic tricksters and Soviet underground culture as well as various aspects of post-Soviet culture. Prof. Lipovetsky is the author of twelve monographic books and more than a hundred articles. He also co-edited twenty collections of articles on Russian literature and culture of the 20th-21st centuries. Among his many publications, his books include Charms of Cynical Reason: The Transformations of the Trickster Trope in Soviet and Post-Soviet Culture (2011) and Postmodern Crises: From Lolita to Pussy Riot (2017). In 2018, he also co-authored the Oxford History of Russian Literature (2018). In 2022, Prof. Lipovetsky published a monograph, A Guerilla Logos: The Project of Dmitry Aleksandrovich Prigov (co-authored with Ilya Kukulin); he also curated the publication of Prigov’s five-volume collected works at NLO Press in Moscow. Prof. Lipovetsky is a recipient of the American Association of Teachers of Slavic and East European Languages Award for the Outstanding Contribution to Scholarship (2014) and Andrey Belyi Prize (2019).

Partial funding for this event has been provided by the College of Arts and Sciences thanks to the generous support of the President's Advisory Council members.

The event is free and open to the public. Slavic refreshments will be served.

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