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Historian William C. Brumfield Presents at Seton Hall  

Headshot of William C. Brumfield

Professor William C. Brumfield

Professor William C. Brumfield of Tulane University will present his latest book "Journeys through the Russian Empire: The Photographic Legacy of Sergey Prokudin-Gorsky" (Duke University Press, 2020)

William Craft Brumfield is Professor of Slavic Studies and Sizeler Professor of Jewish Studies at Tulane University. Fellow at the National Humanities Center in 1992-93; Guggenheim Fellow in 2000-01; Honorary Fellow of the Russian Academy of the Arts (elected May 2006); Fellow of the State Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Science (elected April 2002; the only US citizen elected to two Russian state academies). Recipient of Dmitry S. Likhachev Prize for major contributions to preservation of Russian culture (2014). In October 2019, Brumfield was awarded the Order of Friendship by order of the President of the Russian Federation.


Praise for "Journeys through the Russian Empire":

"In the current climate in the West, with the return to an awareness of Russia being coupled with a renewed sense of threat, William Craft Brumfield's work is a major catalyst for making people aware of the richness of Russian culture... " -- Ann Kleimola, coeditor of ― Culture and Identity in Muscovy: 1359–1584

An extraordinary study of two photographers and, indeed, two Russias. . . . Journeys through the Russian Empire is a masterful achievement that readers will want to savor and return to again and again. In its pages are insightful lessons on everything from color photography to the nature of time. William Craft Brumfield has brought all of his considerable talent, expertise, and energy to produce an invaluable resource for students of Russian history, photography buffs, nature lovers, architecture aficionados, and anyone who longs to explore the expansive Russian empire through the eyes of two eminently talented and devoted photographers." -- Jennifer Eremeeva ― The Moscow Times

"This is a work of pure enchantment! William Craft Brumfield's Journeys lead us to some of the most forbidding regions on Earth to reveal centuries-old architectural masterpieces. His photographic odyssey, which parallels the travels of a pioneering Russian photographer in the early 1900s, opens a world of almost supernatural grace and beauty. The images—at times dreamlike, often frozen in the amber light of the far North—portray structures both towering and serene, gemstones of timber and rock that stand as timeless monuments to mysticism and spirituality. The images are spellbinding, but the text is no less so. Professor Brumfield's concluding essay 'Above the Abyss' is a deeply informed meditation on photography, memory, and the arc of Russian history." -- John R. Beyrle, former United States Ambassador to Russia

This event is co-sponsored by the Russian and East European Studies Program, the Slavic Club, and the Department of History. Free and open to the public!

Slavic refreshments will be served to those attending in person.

WHEN: Thursday, November 4th, 6:30 pm (EST)

WHERE: Fahy Hall 236 and virtually on Microsoft Teams

Please click HERE to join the event

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