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Alberto Italian Studies Institute to Welcome Alumni at Virtual Scholarship Event  

The Charles and Joan Alberto Italian Studies Institute's annual sponsored scholarship event will be held virtually this year on September 29 at 6 p.m. There will be 11 scholarships awarded, ranging from $1,000 to $4,000 per semester. Click here to join the event live.

Antonio Di Florio

Antonio Di Florio

At this year's event, three alumni speakers will lead an insightful discussion about their Italian studies education and how they are applying what they learned in the Italian studies program to their career paths.

Anthony Di Florio graduated from Seton Hall in 2016 with a Bachelor of Science in Diplomacy and International Relations and a minor in Italian studies. He went on to complete his master's degree in journalism and digital storytelling in 2019 at the American University in Washington, D.C., where he currently resides. His career has led him to become the digital communications coordinator for the Jesuit Refugee Service/USA, an international Catholic organization that advocates on behalf of refugees. 

Angela Di Nardo

Angela Di Nardo

Angela Di Nardo also graduated in 2016, receiving her Bachelor of Arts in Italian Studies. Her passion for Italy and its culture inspired her to become a food and wine market analyst for the Italian Trade Agency located in New York City. The agency promotes trade between Italian companies and foreign markets. 

Michael Brown

Michael Brown

Michael Brown earned his Bachelor of Science in Diplomacy and International Relations with a secondary major in modern languages, a concentration in Italian and Mandarin Chinese, and a minor in Italian studies in 2013. The love he developed for the Italian culture led him to Milan, where he currently works at Theory, a U.S. contemporary fashion company. He holds the position of account executive of Southern Europe. 

These alumni are just a few of the countless students who have graduated from Seton Hall with a major or minor in Italian studies and have gone on to pursue meaningful careers in a variety of industries. Many would agree that an education in Italian studies, philosophy, history, English and other liberal arts disciplines enhances one's ability to think critically, communicate effectively and problem solve — among other crucial and widely applicable skills — providing a solid foundation for personal and professional fulfillment. 

Gabriella Romani 320

Gabriella Romani, Director of the Alberto Italian Studies Institute and Professor of Italian, Department of Languages, Literatures and Cultures.

"Our annual scholarship event is an opportunity to celebrate both our students and donors. I am grateful to our alumni who are willing to share their stories about how studying Italian at Seton Hall has enhanced their personal and professional life. Our current students will learn a lot from them. Their success stories are a testament to how far passion and determination can bring one in life. And I am very grateful to our donors who help our students follow their dreams, especially at these challenging times," states Gabriella Romani.

About the Italian Studies Institute:
Originally founded in 2003 by Charles and Joan Alberto and inaugurated in 2004, the Italian Studies Institute has been an important resource for those passionate in learning more about the Italian language, culture, and history. Its mission is to spread the message of the universal relevance and inclusiveness of Italian contributions in the history of the world and of America by coordinating Seton Hall's many activities relating to Italian and Italian American history and culture, sponsoring cultural events and promoting curriculum development and community outreach. With events such as the Joseph M. and Geraldine C. La Motta Lecture Series, the Summer Study Abroad program in Rome, and an array of academic courses, students are given ample opportunity to immerse themselves in the Italian culture. 

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