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Dawn Apgar

Fighting for the Rights of Others

Through her research and work with students, Professor Dawn Apgar is shaping a new era of social work practice and activism. read more

The oldest and largest academic unit at Seton Hall University, the College of Arts and Sciences provides a learning, teaching and research environment that informs and promotes the University's Catholic mission. Based on a liberal arts course of study that is grounded in the Catholic intellectual tradition, the College fosters a value-centered, technologically enhanced education that enables the personal and professional development of its students.

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Master of Arts in English

Focus on literature, writing or creative writing. Prepare for further doctoral study or a career in teaching or boundless other fields.



Can Do

Gregory Wiedman

The Fight Against Drug Resistant Fungi

Biochem Professor Gregory Wiedman is developing a pathway to treat a deadly, highly drug-resistant fungus through a NIH-funded, RO1 grant.

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