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A student sits down for an interview with a faculty member.

Academic Coaching

Academic Success Coaching at Seton Hall

At Seton Hall, the Division of Student Services is pleased to offer an Academic Success Coaching Program for our students. Academic Success Coaches serve as mentors to challenge, support, and guide students through their academic careers. The Program is modeled from Jennifer Bloom's (Florida Atlantic University) Appreciative Advising framework, which is an "intentional collaborative practice" that helps students maximize their potential through enhanced educational experiences.  If you are a faculty, staff, or administrator who is interested in becoming an Academic Success Coach, please contact Alex Ukey at

If you are a student who would like to be matched with an Academic Success Coach, please read the following guidelines and fill out the form below.

The Academic Coaching Program is a collaboration between the student and the Coach. To have a successful coaching experience, students should be committed to participating in the process. Students should promptly respond to email communication from their Coach and ask for help when necessary. Together, students and Coaches find times in their schedule to meet throughout the semester to set up goals and action plans. To best meet the student's needs, Coaches have access to student's academic information. 

By filling out the form below, you understand and agree to the guidelines listed above to participate in the Academic Success Coaching Program.